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Covid 19 Protocols

As we continue to move forward and things open up, it is still important to stay vigilant with cleaning and Covid safety protocols.  Here is what I am doing to keep everyone visiting the clinic safe.



At this time I am still requesting all visitors to the clinic to wear a mask if possible.  Once in the treatment room, it is decided between myself and the patient if it is in their best interest to remove their mask for treatment.  In that situation they would remove their mask before getting on the table (when alone in the treatment room) and then donning it after treatment when redressing.  All visitors are also being asked to wash or sanitize their hands on arrival.  Sanitizer is available in the foyer or they can wash their hands in the washroom.

I ask that anyone who is experiencing symptoms of Covid 19, tested positive for Covid 19, or who has been in contact with with anyone who has tested positive for Covid 19 in the last 14 days to please reschedule their appointment for a later date.



Cleaning and Disinfecting according to guidelines set out by BCCDC’s “Environmental cleaning and disinfectants for clinic setting” is still of the utmost importance.  This includes using approved disinfectants to wipe down and disinfect all surface areas and equipment used in the treatment room and reception area between each patient.  Those areas would include but are not limited to door handles, light switches, massage table, chairs and benches, equipment and supplies etc.​  All linens used are washed in hot water between patients.

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